Classic pinup was the ultimate artistic expression of the strip tease captured in a single image. An image that revealed just enough sex appeal to whet the appetite; a skirt blown up by the wind just so, or the slip of a shirt to expose a hint of cleavage but nothing more. The moment was always playfully captured, picture perfect, with a coy smile or a devilish wink. Every image revealed just enough to make your breath catch, ragged, on the edge and leave you wanting more, but never enough to fully undress the mystery.

As a longtime fan of Gil Elvrin and Alberto Vargas, I try to capture the same playful sex appeal of the classic 40s and 50s pinup art, but with a modern approach to color, composition, style and the tease. Compositionally, I am guided by the graphic nature of works by Roy Liechtenstein, Andy Warhol and Patrick Nagel among others in the sense that they are iconic pieces. They provide the viewer with a simple, yet powerful, concept, bold and straightforward.

My creative goal is to create images that are focused and brings each woman to life. Direct eye contact and dangerous curves. Does she love glamour or goth? Fashion or Fetish? Latex or lingerie? Ultimately, it’s her individual beauty that I want to stay with the viewer long after seeing the piece. I want to her to step off of the canvas and into your life, mesmerizing and unforgettable in the way that only artwork can. Work that is modern, sexy, playful and risqué, clearly defining a sense of eroticism but without being erotic.

I can only hope that my work inspires others to be bold as well!


"Kelly.X is amazing! Her art titled Original Sin really captures my sprit, while reintroducing the magic of classic, retro Pin-Up that I always loved."

Claire SinClair
2011 Playboy Playmate of the Year
2010 October Playmate

"Kelly has that undeniable talent of portraying the eroticism of a woman with the eye that only another woman can have. No matter if they are winking, seducing or blowing a kiss, every single girl in her paintings carries that signature style that makes her artwork so easily recognizable. And envied by artists like myself.

A little warning for you, Kelly’s art is highly addictive. Once you get the first dose, you will just come back for more."

Lorenzo Sperlonga
Artist + Author

"Kelly has a stunning ability to capture not only likeness, but also personality and spirit. Her work is fresh, sexy, intriguing and gorgeous."

Susan Irwin
McCann Erickson

"Kelly's creativity is boundless. Her work is progressive, provocative, beautiful and developed with the finesse of a true master."

Veronika Kotlajic
Gallery Provacateur

"Kelly X has the exceptional ability to paint digitally that has an uncanny resemblance to traditional painting. She manages her colours and shading with a great sense of depth and atmosphere that are enhanced with her own method of varnishing, which result in her work being appreciated as true Artistry. Having been a model herself she has firsthand knowledge of pose and femininity which can immediately be seen in her compositions. As a Gallery owner I am very proud to be in a position to exhibit her fine work."

Paul Grisar
PinupExpo Gallery


X.Girls | Solo Show
Gallery 446
Palm Springs, CA


Dirty Show
Detroit, MI

Resurrection of Beauty
Gallery Provacatuer
Chicago, IL


Los Angeles, CA


Definition Gallery
Baltimore, MD

"My work is about empowered, take-charge women. I have tried to establish a modern day “Pin Up” who knows what she wants and feels comfortable enough to be beautiful, self-assured, and unafraid to bare it all. My objective is to capture the individuality, strength, sexuality, and beauty in each of my models."


Gold Award | cgHub