Mar 19 2011

Finished Works for July 16th show... at Gallery Provocateur in Chicago!!



"Nelli Scarlet in Red"  36" x 24"

Nelli Scarlet is all about personallity, punk leather, chains and attitude of a fun stage singer//performer// and Rock Star!!! Nelli is the super sexy bomb shell lead singer of the "Scarlets" (They were the opening act for Bonjovi on his recent tour of Europe) 

I truely wanted to capture her bad ass attitude!! Red and Black are all about power and control and this 5'10" vixen has all of that and is also the photographer of this self portrait.

"These Boots"

Model: Veronika Kotlajic

"Feather Dancer"

Model: Veronika Kotlajic

"Ah OoH" 24" x 30" (Need to find who model is... X-Playmate)

This painting is my idea of pure sexuality, subtle yet, NO mistake about what is going on at all ;) Her hand and finger positions on the couch as a means of support, her facial expression shows and tells everything, a woman not afraid of pleasing herself. I wanted the back ground to be vibrant as if an extension of her mental excitement and yet calming colors of light and growth. Her hair, the couch and her lips are on fire with red and orange mixed to represent her inner feelings of ecstasy.

"Tea Flowers" 33.5" x 24"

Painting inspiration by TN Photography
and Model : Under Dark Water


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Jun 20 2011

working on Playboy Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair!!


Here's my painting of Claire Sinclair hanging in Belgium at the Pinup Expo Gallery:


 So excited to work on a painting of Claire Sinclair via photographer Michael Malak, This painting is 24" x 30" and going to "The Pinup Expo Gallery" in Belgium,!!! As soon as it's finished...

I start by blocking in a quick sketch that I get from the black and white photo. (I am a painter)


then block in the shape with a hard round brush:

More blocking as well as checking lighting...

I love to really work out the detail of the face and continue to hone the shapes ... early on, it keeps you inspired that the painting will be beautiful, also blocking in the back ground light source with giant loose brushes help the feeling of where this is going!!  hahaha!!!!! xoxo

Adding some trial color at this point and fixing the skin texture to be smoother and making sure her shapes are not getting blob like.

working out most of the skin issues, I add a very thin layer of color, to the black and white painting I just did to give it that colorized, rosy cheeks, old time photo look... (still a work in progress but coming along :))))

Adding more light, jewels and trying a warm vs cool side to add more depth to the piece ;) Hopefully fixed the glove, hahaha!!! Thanks for watching and so glad I have a new fan!!! Welcome!

Hi and finished :)))))))) 

So excited to work on a painting of Claire Sinclair named "Sinful"

via photographer Michael Malak,

This painting is 24" x 30" and going to "The Pinup Expo Gallery" in Belgium!!! 

As soon as it's finished...


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May 11 2011

works in progress part II


 Finished on Seffana Seff "Seductress"


Much more work on Seffana Seff!! 

 full color and a ton more work on "Kitty Cat Blue"=Meow, my working title, 


More of Seffana Seff!!! Whewie!!! 


and more smoothing and shaping on this one too... Both Seffana Seff, she is an amazing pin-up model!!! 


Here's a painting I'm starting and have come a long way so far, a new model I've been following, Seffana Seff! She's beautiful!!! xoxo

and the work I did today May 8th:

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May 12 2011

Prints with Metro Orange!!!!!



Finally here!!! this is my print site, I'm in great company with Shepard Fairey (OBEY), Ron English and my friend Leslie Ditto!!!!! So excited and hope you buy lots , thank you for waiting... also my models are all named and get 20% of my personal profit for letting me paint them (I made this up, due to the fact that most models periodically need cash too ;)

Also you can offer a 20% discount on all pieces using coupon code "metro20", cheers. XOXO ♥♥♥ KELLY.X

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Dec 29 2010

works in progress... WIP


Here's my new piece, my painting is inspired by photographer : Tina Nikolovski's concept and photograph

 Model: Below Dark Water Cailin Skye

So excited about this!!!!!  I will show the process in order... thanks, Kelly X XOXOXO



 Here's more progress and I'm almost finished with this piece, "Feather Dancer" is a large piece also

36" x 24"... the hair and hands are the last thing to finish up on her, YIPPY!!!!! Hope you like :)

Model: Veronika Kotlajic  = way cool!!!

Here's the finished Nelli Scarlet in RED! This has been one of my most challenging 

pieces so far, loads of detail and color balancing... very white skin that shows everything, 

I'm excited to see how it turned out and thank you for watching my process!! XOXOXO!!!!

More progress on Nelli Scarlet the fantastic :)

 Here's the final piece "These Boots"

Model: Veronika Kotlajic

More detail on Nelli today, working out some lighting issues and form also... Thanks XOXO <3<3


Small detail work on Nelli Scarlet, this piece is 36" x 24"

A lot of work on skin and feathers "Nika Feather Dancer"

(Mucho mas trabajo) More work on Nelli Scarlet... check out Nika too :);)xoxoxo

Much more work on Nika and her feathers

7:41 logging out for today on my Nelli_Red painting... can't wait to paint jewels, lace, fishnets, and some chains ;)

More painting on Nelli Scarlet in RED... sign up to join my blog, with daily updates how can you go wrong :)!! XOXO

More work finished on Nelli Scarlet in Red

This is Nelli Scarlet, an amazing singer, performer, model and photographer... I'm painting her for my upcoming show that is in June in Chicago, just wait!!! 


Here's more work finished on Veronica K called "Feather Dancer"



 almost finished with these boots!!! Yippy xoxoxo :) Veronica K rocks!!



Those boots are made for walkin'

Model: Veronika Kotlajic


More work "Ah_OOO", worked on the hair, hand, general shape and feel of this piece!!!

  More work on "AH_OOOH"


More work on "Ah_OOO", this piece is going to be very large, 


Starting this piece for my show in Chicago... "AH_OOO", I consider this adult content (18 or older please)

More work and decided to color this piece like old time photos only by adding paint:


Nika_Shine, This piece is what I'm currently working on for a big show I have coming up in June 2011... some of the pieces I post here will be a bit more erotic ;) thank you and comments are always welcome.


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Dec 08 2010

First blog note:


Shay and I have an art gallery show coming up on Jan 8th at 8pm-11pm

Society Skate Shop
625 Laurel Street
San Carlos, CA 94070

(650) 596-8182

The opening will have live music, lots of fun people!!!

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