Jul 08 2012

Working on 13 new paintings for Matco Tools!!!


Working days, nights and weekends on 13 new paintings for Matco Tools!!! Can't post previews but I will as soon as possible!!!

Models... Claire Sinclair, Angela Riccio, Sabina Kelley, Bondi Holly, Jessamyne Rose, and Miki Black!!! I'm a very lucky girl to be able to paint these wonderful Pin-ups!!!!!

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Jun 07 2012

My painting of Emily Addison for September Penthouse Magazine, UNHINGED


Hi guys, I was interviewed last Friday by writer Jennifer Peters for the Sept issue of Penthouse Magazine, they are doing a spread ;) about me and my pin-up and erotic paintings, I am also painting a special painting of one of their most amazing 2012 Pets!!! I hope I can share the progress works with you ♥♥♥, this is my first extensive national magazine interview!!!! 

My best friend Sammy Phillips held a huge part in my getting this interview!!! I love you and thank you Sammy :)))))

I need to keep this unfinished up to this point until the big Sept Penthouse Mag reveal!!! Very excited about this painting and Emily is very beautiful too!!

Thanks, Kelly X

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May 09 2012

Screen Star = Rhonda Ridley Scott


 Perfect pose for a screen star!! My favorite Marilyn Monroe pose or should have been?? Rhonda Ridley is a fabulous sex goddess of our time and has been very supportive with helping me along with my painting career!! Thank you Rhonda or as the Beach Boys would say; 

Help me Rhonda ~ help help me Rhonda!!!!  




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Mar 27 2012

New Piece Sabina Kelley


 Here's a new piece I've started on Sabina Kelley // Work in progress ...

Initial sketch with partial face block in... 


 More blocking in trying to get the skin tones set in grey scale... working on eyes to 

make them alive...

much more work finished along with some back ground shapes and tattoo sketching

more work all around at this point, and working on the light and dark parts of the 

painting... table started and much more work on the tattoo's and her face.

More Sabina Kelley work today 4/5/12

almost finished:

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Mar 22 2012

Cover Article on Kelly X first Solo Show:


An article about my first Solo Show named Kelly X and the X-Girls


Here's the complete article, written by Tamara Sone:






Please scroll to bottom of page join my Face Book page.


                                                                               ...  keep going please!! :))))

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Mar 19 2012

Sammy Phillips, Penthouse Pet


 Painting my Love Sammy again!!! Sammy Phillips from when she was a Penthouse Pet, yikes hot is HOT!!!
Photo ref licensed by GMCI, Penthouse Magazine... Thank you ♥ and Thank you Sammy POO, xoxoxo WIP started a couple days ago:

Work in progress... 

More work...

and more... still the messy middle block in stages of this painting:

getting everything all smoothed out and starting on the background

starting on background and still working on Sammy, I like to work all around a painting, 
helps keep my eyes fresh :)

Still a Work in Progress:
working on flowers, her hair,
Model and bestie: Sammy Phillips
from when she was a Penthouse Pet!!
Photo ref: GMCI —
My wonderful Best Friend Sammy Phillips!!! almost finished with this one 
Sammy P!!!!! I LOVE U ♥♥♥

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Feb 26 2012



Come to my first Solo Show: Show run dates: March 9-April 22


Paintings by 



Show dates March 9-April 22  in Palm Springs, Calif. Gallery 446, 

X-GIRLS SHOW:  Seffana Seff, Bernie Dexter, Sabina Kelley, Bondi Holly, Jessamine Rose, Claire Sinclair, Rhonda Ridley and Sammy Phillips

And more... erotic Girl on Girl, old time pin-up stars, Rita Hayworth and Veronica Lake... 22 original paintings, some prints on sale too... 

Whew, what a lot of work for one girl, hahahahaha!!!!

2/26/2012 all 17 finished and all framed!! 

*****My son Alec fly's in at the end of the week and we are driving them down PCH #1 to Palm Springs, CA. We will have a video of the trip and opening!!! 

*****FUN TIMES AHEAD, Can't wait to see you all there!!!! <3<3<3!!!!!!


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