Mar 19 2012

Sammy Phillips, Penthouse Pet


 Painting my Love Sammy again!!! Sammy Phillips from when she was a Penthouse Pet, yikes hot is HOT!!!
Photo ref licensed by GMCI, Penthouse Magazine... Thank you ♥ and Thank you Sammy POO, xoxoxo WIP started a couple days ago:

Work in progress... 

More work...

and more... still the messy middle block in stages of this painting:

getting everything all smoothed out and starting on the background

starting on background and still working on Sammy, I like to work all around a painting, 
helps keep my eyes fresh :)

Still a Work in Progress:
working on flowers, her hair,
Model and bestie: Sammy Phillips
from when she was a Penthouse Pet!!
Photo ref: GMCI —
My wonderful Best Friend Sammy Phillips!!! almost finished with this one 
Sammy P!!!!! I LOVE U ♥♥♥
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