Jun 20 2011

working on Playboy Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair!!


Here's my painting of Claire Sinclair hanging in Belgium at the Pinup Expo Gallery:


 So excited to work on a painting of Claire Sinclair via photographer Michael Malak, http://www.malakphotography.com/. This painting is 24" x 30" and going to "The Pinup Expo Gallery" in Belgium, http://www.pinupexpo.com/!!! As soon as it's finished...

I start by blocking in a quick sketch that I get from the black and white photo. (I am a painter)


then block in the shape with a hard round brush:

More blocking as well as checking lighting...

I love to really work out the detail of the face and continue to hone the shapes ... early on, it keeps you inspired that the painting will be beautiful, also blocking in the back ground light source with giant loose brushes help the feeling of where this is going!!  hahaha!!!!! xoxo

Adding some trial color at this point and fixing the skin texture to be smoother and making sure her shapes are not getting blob like.

working out most of the skin issues, I add a very thin layer of color, to the black and white painting I just did to give it that colorized, rosy cheeks, old time photo look... (still a work in progress but coming along :))))

Adding more light, jewels and trying a warm vs cool side to add more depth to the piece ;) Hopefully fixed the glove, hahaha!!! Thanks for watching and so glad I have a new fan!!! Welcome!

Hi and finished :)))))))) 

So excited to work on a painting of Claire Sinclair named "Sinful"

via photographer Michael Malak, http://www.malakphotography.com/

This painting is 24" x 30" and going to "The Pinup Expo Gallery" in Belgium!!! 

As soon as it's finished... http://www.pinupexpo.com/


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  • Posted by Nancy Soto on June 22, 2011


  • Posted by Jenni on June 21, 2011

    Kelly, this is so glamorous, so feminine, just downright beautiful !!!!

  • Posted by LISA MELLAS-COPELAND on June 21, 2011

    Ran across your work via Paul Grisar…LOVE IT…this is going to be beautiful. You have a new fan. Hope you have a great day.

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