Mar 19 2011

Finished Works for July 16th show... at Gallery Provocateur in Chicago!!



"Nelli Scarlet in Red"  36" x 24"

Nelli Scarlet is all about personallity, punk leather, chains and attitude of a fun stage singer//performer// and Rock Star!!! Nelli is the super sexy bomb shell lead singer of the "Scarlets" (They were the opening act for Bonjovi on his recent tour of Europe) 

I truely wanted to capture her bad ass attitude!! Red and Black are all about power and control and this 5'10" vixen has all of that and is also the photographer of this self portrait.

"These Boots"

Model: Veronika Kotlajic

"Feather Dancer"

Model: Veronika Kotlajic

"Ah OoH" 24" x 30" (Need to find who model is... X-Playmate)

This painting is my idea of pure sexuality, subtle yet, NO mistake about what is going on at all ;) Her hand and finger positions on the couch as a means of support, her facial expression shows and tells everything, a woman not afraid of pleasing herself. I wanted the back ground to be vibrant as if an extension of her mental excitement and yet calming colors of light and growth. Her hair, the couch and her lips are on fire with red and orange mixed to represent her inner feelings of ecstasy.

"Tea Flowers" 33.5" x 24"

Painting inspiration by TN Photography
and Model : Under Dark Water


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  • Posted by Sergio on April 29, 2011

    Hey this is the Starbucks barista you met the other day. What a lucky meeting your work is so cool I really dig it I can’t wait to see more you need to drop by Starbucks more often

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